A Call to Action

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Commission on a Gender-Equal Economy

The final report of the Commission on a Gender-Equal Economy has been released at a unique moment in global history. Reeling from the first wave of a deadly pandemic, perched on the precipice of a second wave and a deep and brutal recession, there was never a better time to ask: do we really want to go back to business as usual? The Covid-19 pandemic has brought much to light.

The report presents a roadmap for building a new economy. Laying out the what, the why and the how, it is a call to action: for governments at all levels; for businesses, including large firms and small cooperatives and social enterprises; for charities and community organisations. The report argues that by working together at every level, it is possible to design and demand a new economy: an economy which has the wellbeing of individuals, communities and the planet at its centre; an economy which values care, both paid and unpaid, as the activity that nurtures us all; an economy which ensures that no-one faces discrimination, violence, or poverty, and in which no-one is left behind, or pushed behind. This new economy is a caring economy.