Mainstreaming gender dimension into budget call circular and standards of gender assessment of national budget

Selection of  methodological materials  including gender mainstreamed  versions of  Budget call circular for gender responsive budgeting of programme budgets  for 2014 and 2015, Guidance note on considering gender aspects in the process of developing  programme based  budgets, list of suggested  indicators for budget analysis, sample assessment of the impact of budget policy  on diminishing salary gaps for women and men.

Gender Wage Gap in Albania

Labour market issues, be those of employment, unemployment, inactivity, wages and the like are very important for every country since they are linked to some of the main indicators of economic wellbeing or lack thereof. These issues and indicators become increasingly important for developing countries that are trying to achieve development and economic growth.

Gender Analysis of ODA Ukarine

The programme conducts gender analysis of ODA in  relation  to  Ukraine’s  national gender  equality  commitments and analysis of the donor-governmental meetings on gender equality  and  define  a  room  for participation  of  gender  equality advocates.