Gender Responsive Recovery in Lebanon

This UN Women Policy Brief presents a set of recommendations to achieve a gender-responsive economic recovery in Lebanon, and are compiled from a larger forthcoming analysis of the gendered impact of Lebanon’s economic crisis on different aspects of women’s life. The recommendations focus on fiscal, social and labour policies, and are aimed at policy-makers shaping Lebanon’s recovery framework. They are recommendations designed to create an economic system that is built on equity and that utilizes the economic potential of all Lebanese. 

Strengthening the Gender Report for Increased Accountability in Morocco

The 2019 review and redesign of the Gender Responsive Results-Based Budgeting Report (RBG), more commonly referred to as the "Gender Report," in Morocco has led to a series of recommendations for 2020. With support from UN Women Morocco, the review set out to strengthen GR content to ensure it is a strategic accountability tool for monitoring and evaluating public policies from a gender perspective. It focused on assessing the contribution of the GR to the implementation and monitoring of GRB in Morocco, as well as challenges, including the lack of joint ownership of GRB by ministerial departments and the limited use of sector-specific gender analyses. Starting next year, the Gender Report (GR) will be more standardized to make it easier for users to access and provide information. This will include a clearer drafting framework for contributing line ministries and alignment with a new analytical approach.

Citizen Budget Brochure

UN Women worked in close partnership with the Jordanian Coalition on Budget and the General Budget Department to issue a more user-friendly Budget Brochure for all Jordanian citizens. As a tool to simplify and sustain the dialogue between the Government and the citizens, the brochure includes a comprehensive explanation on Gender responsive budgeting as well as highlights on budget’s figure targeting women and children.

Report on Morocco Local Level GRB initiative,UNIFEM 2005

This report presents the results of a research aimed at developing a diagnosis and an analysis of the opportunities that stem from introducing a gender approach in budgetary processes in some communes of Morocco. It was prepared under a joint UNIFEM/EU initiative supporting the integration of a gender approach in the systems and budgetary processes at local level in the context of decentralization. The report is in French.

Morocco Gender Report 2007

This Report seeks to make an assessment of policies and practices related to gender-responsive budgeting, by highlighting what was already accomplished and what remains to be done, and by identifying challenges, constraints, opportunities and sectoral challenges.

Local Budgets and Gender in Morocco

This report by Nalini Burn, Larabi Jaidi and Hayat Zirari (2005) is a diagnostic study designed to analyse the potential of gender mainstreaming in the budget process of Morocco's communes. This study, which is part of a an international initiative supported by UNIFEM and the European Union, is concerned with gender mainstreaming in budget systems and practices at local level and within a context of decentralisation.