Citizen Budget Brochure

UN Women worked in close partnership with the Jordanian Coalition on Budget and the General Budget Department to issue a more user-friendly Budget Brochure for all Jordanian citizens. As a tool to simplify and sustain the dialogue between the Government and the citizens, the brochure includes a comprehensive explanation on Gender responsive budgeting as well as highlights on budget’s figure targeting women and children.

Morocco Gender Report 2007

This Report seeks to make an assessment of policies and practices related to gender-responsive budgeting, by highlighting what was already accomplished and what remains to be done, and by identifying challenges, constraints, opportunities and sectoral challenges.

Capacity Building Workshop on GRB for NGOs- Morocco July 2008 (in Arabic)

This training module aims to introduce concepts of GRB to Moroccan civil society organizations and identify the role that they can play in support of gender responsive budgeting in the country. The module includes sessions that facilitate a discussion of the gender budget report, which is produced annually by the sectoral government departments, to identify the strengths and gaps in the report from a civil society perspective. The module also includes a series of hands-on exercises that familiarize civil society groups with tools to monitor budgets from a gender perspective.

Performance Based Budgeting from a Gender Perspective

The resource book, produced by the Public Administration Research and Consultation Centre (PARC) of Cairo Univerisity in collaboration with the Egyptian National Council for women, explains performance based budgeting and ways of integrating gender into those budgets. The book, produced in Arabic, also provides a number of examples and practical tools.

Mainstreaming Gender into Egypt's Socio-Economic Development Plan--A Success Story

The report published by the Egyptian National Council for Women, and available in English and Arabic, summarizes their success in mainstreaming gender into the Socio-Economic Development Plan by highlighting methods such as gender budgeting and performance based budgeting with a gender approach, and the subsequent impact on the national budget allocations.