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Social oversight report- Santa Rosa de Copán

The document is presented in the framework of Financing for Gender Equality (F4GE), with European Union funds, specifically in the project of cooperation and assistance between UN Women and the Women Solidarity Commission (CCMS). It is a social monitoring report made to the City of Santa Rosa de Copan budget in the fiscal year 2013. The report contains the findings from the oversight process, in addition to comments obtained at the conference held socialization and validation between the CCMS,...

Selected Sectors within the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina

This study by Innova Consulting provides an analysis of budgeting and gender issues, and gives recommendations for the implementation of GRB in two Federal Ministries and one Federal Institute in BIH in 2009. These three institutions were suggested by the Federal Gender Center (FGC) and confirmed by the FBIH parliament to be the first ones to implement GRB within the FBIH. Therefore, the research presented here gives analysis and tools for the first phase of GRB implementation within the...

Show us the money is violence against women on the HIV&AIDS funding agenda?

In response to the growing body of evidence on violence and HIV&AIDS, and in response to calls by human rights advocates for effective action on these issues, international institutions and national governments have articulated a concern to address gender-based violence, including within the context of HIV&AIDS. Little is known, however, about what is actually being done to address these issues in policies, programming and funding, and whether the efforts that are underaway are truly based on...

Stratégie nationale de Planification et de Budgétisation Sensible au Genre (PBSG) au Mali

The publication presents experiences on gender responsive planning, Policy and Budgeting in Mali.

Summary Baseline studies on Gender mainstreaming in sector policies for the ministry of environment

This study was conducted as part of the overall program, "Increasing accountability in financing for gender equality" (F4GE), undertaken by UN WOMEN, with the financial support of the European Commission and the Government of Spain. This program aims to support the government of Senegal in gender mainstreaming in the planning, programming and budgeting.

Summary Baseline studies on Gender mainstreaming in sector policies for the Ministry of Water and Sanitation

The study aimed also at conducting a gender analysis of the sector plan of the Ministry of Water and Sanitation. It aims also at assessing the capacity of the staff on gender sensitive budgeting, programming and planning.

Albania: Time Use Survey (2010-2011)

The main goal of the Albanian Time Use Survey is to develop nationally representative estimates of how people divide their time of various life activities. The main objectives to be achieved through the time use survey were: • To measure the amount of time spent by the Albanian population on different activities; • To identify gender differences in time use patterns with special focus on paid and unpaid work activities; • To carry out the survey in full accordance with the...

A Users' Guide to Measuring Local Governance

This Guide was preared by Alexandra Wilde, Shipra Narang, Marie Laberge and Luisa Moretto UNDP Oslo, 2009. The publication compiles existing knowledge on decentralization and local governance measurement and provide a platform for understanding and navigating the array of assessment tools that exist, focusing on particular issues such how to select amongst the existing (or decide to design a new set of) local governance indicators; how to deal with the preparation and launching of an assessment;...

A Practitioner’s Guide to Gender responsive planning and implementation

The guide brings together and synthesises several innovative and tested strategies on gender responsive planning & implementation from across India....