Publish Year : 2007
Thematic Area:
Language: English
Countries: Bosnia and Herzegovina
Region: Europe and Central Asia
Resource type:
Author: United Women Banja Luka


This book was produced by the United Women Banja Luka in 2007 under the UNIFEM supported Initiative for Introducing Gender Sensitive Budgeting in the Area of Domestic Violence on Local and Entity Level in Bosnia and Herzegovina. The publication captures the results of several months work on analysis of the budgets of four public institutions working on social protection in Republika Srpska. It consists of all data we collected during analysis of the budgets in targeted public institutions. The book consists of three parts. The first chapter provides general information about situation related to protection of victims of domestic violence in Republika Srpska, need for existence of the safe houses, the basic information about the project and used methodology, as well as gender responsive budgeting. The second chapter provides detailed information acquired through analysis of the budgets and work of the Ministry of Health and Social Care of Republika Srpska and Centers for Social Work Banja Luka, Bijeljina and Modri~a. This is presented in order to enable better understanding of the context of work of the Ministry and local Centers for Social Work, and position of care for victims of domestic violence within the system of social care, overview of the key information about the Entity, and three targeted local communities, Ministry of Health and Social Care of RS, Centers for Social Work in Banja Luka, Bijeljina and Modrica, and three nongovernmental organizations that conducted the analysis of the budgets and have key role in protection of victims of domestic violence. The third chapter provides the overview of all analyzed budgets and the questionnaire used for collecting additional information about methodology of development and women and men users of the public budgets of monitored institutions.