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John Mutamba and Cyuma Mbayiha
This report presents the findings of a country review carried out in Rwanda by John Mutamba and Cyuma Mbayiha under the programme "Integrating gender responsive budgeting into the aid effectiveness agenda"launched by UNIFEM and the European Commission (EC) in 2008. Authors of the report highlight that the public sector reforms and the Public Finance Management reform that are underway in the country offer unique entry points for gender responsive budgeting. In their views, the success of gender-responsive budgeting in the context of improving aid effectiveness will depend on building of capacities within key institutions at national and local level through training and technical backstopping in areas of gender planning and budgeting. Recommendations of this report include the need to put in place and strengthen an institutional framework that will ensure more efficient monitoring and coordination of gender-responsive budgeting processes in different institutions.