Publish Year : 2008
Thematic Area: Development Effectiveness
Language: English
Countries: Mozambique
Region: Eastern and Southern Africa
Resource type: Assessments and Analysis
Author: Nathalie Holvoet and Liesbeth Inberg


This report presents the findings of a country review carried out in Mozambique by Nathalie Holvoet and Liesbeth Inberg under the programme"Integrating gender responsive budgeting into the aid effectiveness agenda" launched by UNIFEM and the European Commission (EC) in 2008. The report includes an overview of key development indicators and the aid management environment. In doing this, it focuses specifically on the development aid of two donors, i.e. the EC and Sweden (an important supplier of GBS in Mozambique). The first chapter of the report concludes with an overview and analysis of key national policy-making, planning, budgeting and Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E) procedures. A review of GRB activities in Mozambique, the degree of engagement with new aid modalities as well as an assessment of the experiences is provided in a second chapter. Findings of a quick gender budget analysis of the budget of the health sector of Mozambique are presented in section 3. Finally, recommendations are provided.