Publish Year : 2007
Thematic Area: Local Governance, Planning and Budgeting
Language: English
Countries: Switzerland
Region of Relevance: Europe and Central Asia
Resource type: Assessments and Analysis
Author(s): Mascha Madoerin


The first debates on gender-responsive budgeting initiatives emerged in Switzerland in 1994, The choice of methods for conducting gender-differentiated analyses and the means by which they are conducted have been informed, and continue to be informed, by the relatively early emergence of gender-responsive budgeting (hereafter GRB) as an issue in Swiss public debate, by the circumstances under which GRB emerged, and by the fact that parliaments at local (municipal/communal), cantonal and federal levels and citizens in Switzerland's direct democracy retain considerable influence over public finance. In Switzerland, an analytical tool, the BASS Method, was developed to analyze, among other things, the impact public expenditure has on unpaid labor. This report presents the specificities of the BASS Method, the projects implemented in Switzerland since 2000, their initiators and their results and finally some projects that have not applied the BASS Method are also presented.