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Debbie Budlender
This case study was compiled by Debbie Budlender based on presentations by Raquel Coello, and Leire Lopez, during UNIFEM/UNFPA GRB Workshops in Cape Town and Bangkok, April and June 2006. One of the ways in which Latin America's GRB initiatives are different from those in other regions and countries is that most of the GRB work has happened at local level. Further, the Latin American initiatives have often emphasized participation of women in decision-making, building upon the mainstream participatory budget initiatives which already exist in the region. UNIFEM has taken a regional approach in Latin America, in the hope that different countries can learn from each other. At the local level it has supported work in five countries. Its partners have included local governments (both officials and elected representatives), NGOs and women's organizations, and national and international organizations such as United Nations Fund Population, United Nations Development Program and United Nations Volunteer.