How to Integrate a Gender Perspective into Well-Being Budgeting Practices

Well-being gender budgeting (WBGB) experiences use a multidimensional approach for planning and budgeting combining the Capability Approach along with gender responsive budgeting. However, what happens to the other well-being budgeting initiatives that do not explicitly include this «gender focus» in their conceptualization? This article explores the gender biases that can be found in well-being budgeting and the challenges of integrating a gender perspective into these practices.

GRB in Vietnam - Gender Equality in Transport

Transport is one of the most important aspects of national infrastructure and a key to gender equality. Women’s opportunities to access paid work are reduced when there is poor investment in gender

Gender budgeting helps empower ethnic minority women in Viet Nam

Due to gender discrimination and restrictive social roles, women and girls from ethnic minority groups in Viet Nam are particularly vulnerable to violence and discrimination. With financial support from the Government of Ireland, UN Women and the Committee for Ethnic Minority Affairs (CEMA) published a report on “Figures on Ethnic Minority Women and Men in Viet Nam 2015” presenting first-ever sex disaggregated  data on the socio-economic situation of the 53 recognized ethnic...

Gender Equality and Taxation in VietNam

While Viet Nam has made important achievements in gender equality during the past decades by way of improving policies, legal frameworks, and national institutional mechanisms; challenges related to employment in the informal sector, the effects of climate change, and access to the social security system continue to affect the lives of a large proportion of the country’s population, the majority of whom are women and the poor.

Implementation of GRB in Peace Building and Health Programmes in Nepal

The GRBC has developed five criteria for evaluation of genderresponsiveness of the budgeted government programmes and projects. These criteria include women's participation in programme formulation and implementation, benefit accruing to them, their capacity building, contribution to women's employment/income generation, and reduction in women's workload and qualitative improvement in their time use.

What Does Budget 2007-08 Offer Women (in India)?

This article takes a closer look at the gender budgeting statement in the Union Budget 2007-08 in India and reveals that programmes and allocations remain plagued by mistakes, with several schemes wrongly prioritised as being exclusively for women. Economic and Political Weekly April 21, 2007