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Tracking Gender Budgets
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A recent blog by UN Women presents analysis and lessons from the 2018 monitoring round for SDG Indicator 5.c.1, shedding light on government efforts to design and implement gender budget tracking systems. Data from 69 countries show that despite global progress in adopting gender budgeting, gaps persist in the implementation of policies and laws on gender equality and women’s empowerment. Less than half of the reporting countries indicated having adequate resource allocations to meet their gender policy objectives. The monitoring data clearly point to areas where more intensive work is needed, in particular strengthening the assessment of impact. When governments conduct gender impact assessments and gender audits of the budget, they gain insight into how and to what extent gender policies and allocations and expenditures for their implementation contribute to the achievement of meaningful outputs and outcomes. This information is critical for better planning, policy reformulation and programmatic design to ensure that public resource allocations and spend contribute to reaching gender equality objectives.