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Social oversight report- Santa Rosa de Copán

The document is presented in the framework of Financing for Gender Equality (F4GE), with European Union funds, specifically in the project of cooperation and assistance between UN Women and the Women Solidarity Commission (CCMS). It is a social monitoring report made to the City of Santa Rosa de Copan budget in the fiscal year 2013. The report contains the findings from the oversight process, in addition to comments obtained at the conference held socialization and validation between the CCMS,...

Fiscal Policy and Gender Equity in Bolivia Sp

Fiscal policy is defined as the part of economic policy through which the State, by choosing certain sources of income seeks to finance the exercise of its functions and activities and thus establishes the allocation of resources to implement them. Therefore, through fiscal policy the government acts on your expenses and income. It includes measures relating to multiple areas of the economy such as: the regime tax, public spending, internal and external state debt or operations and financial...

Indicators To Measure Gender Equality And Investment In Gender Equity In 2014 Annual Operational Plan Budget And Certification Process.

The Ministry of Planning and External Cooperation (SEPLAN) is responsible for support the establishment, development and operation of the National Planning System in addition to exercise stewardship of the land use planning, exercising a role of make norms entity.

Gender budgeting handbook for civil society organizations

UN Women prepared this manual to aim members of women's organizations at a community level who seek to influence public policy in local governments. The manual is a tool that can be used on-awareness training sessions to promote opportunities for participation and advocacy.

How Can Aid be Gender Responsive? (Spanish)

How Can Aid be Gender Responsive? (Spanish)

The Paris Declaration on Aid Effectiveness (PD) commits donors and partner countries to reform aid management and delivery in order to strengthen its development outcomes. Through the Declaration, development partners commit to implementing common arrangements for planning, funding, disbursing, monitoring, evaluating and reporting on donor activities and aid flows at country level. To respond to these requirements, donors have collectively put in place a number of mechanisms to better coordinate...

Manual to incorporate the gender perspective in municipal budget/ activities for the civil service

UN Women prepared this manual to aim public administrators and municipalities workers in Honduras by providing conceptual and methodological elements that enable them to incorporate gender perspective in the budgeting process.

Critical Path a GRB Treatment at a Inter Institutional Level in State Secretariats of Honduras

Critical Path a GRB Treatment at a Inter Institutional Level in State Secretariats of Honduras. Action Plan for Its Operationalization.

Budgeting for Women's Rights Monitoring Government Budgets for Compliance with CEDAW: summary..(Sp)

Budgeting for Women's Rights Monitoring Government Budgets for Compliance with CEDAW: summary..(Sp)

A summary guide for policy makers, gender equality and human rights advocates" is a publication based on a report by Diane Elson "Budgeting for Women's Rights: Monitoring Government Budgets for Compliance with CEDAW" by UNIFEM 2006. The publication developed by UNIFEM in 2008 articulates what it means to take an explicitly rights-based approach to government budgets and draws on the lessons of Gender Budgets Initiatives (GBIs) experiences around the world. It links governments' commitments under...

Proposed Gender Strategic Plan for the Government Plan 2014- 2018

This document corresponds to a fifth product of the international consultancy for the development of a Gender Strategy Plan 2014-2017. Government of the Republic of Honduras; formulated a product as follows: "Final Document on the inclusion of proposed in the Sectoral Planning as part of the mandate of the Presidential Strategic Planning, Budget and Public Investment".