Publish Year: 2009
Thematic Area: Planning and Budgeting
Language: English
Region/Country: Global
Resource Type: Manuals and Training Material
Author(s): Sheila Quinn


The focus of this publication is to act as a guide to the practice of gender budgeting. It is not a first-step book. There are many publications which articulate the rationale for, the background to and the history of gender budgeting. This handbook assumes an understanding of gender, of the objectives of a gender equality strategy, of the ways in which gender inequality is manifest, of the need for structural change in order to tackle unintentional gender bias, of the basics of gender mainstreaming as a strategy to address gender equality. Gender budgeting, as a tool of gender mainstreaming, cannot be implemented without a grasp of these fundamentals. It is the case that some gender budget pilot initiatives have brought about a new or deeper understanding of gender for those involved. Nevertheless, adopting a gender budgeting strategy requires prior experience in addressing gender equality.

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What Does Budget 2007-08 Offer Women (in India)?

This article takes a closer look at the gender budgeting statement in the Union Budget 2007-08 in India and reveals that programmes and allocations remain plagued by mistakes, with several schemes wrongly prioritised as being exclusively for women. Economic and Political Weekly April 21, 2007

Gender Analysis of Uganda's Budget 2003-2004

This document is a gender analysis of Uganda's 2003-2004 budget prepared by Forum for Women in Democracy (FOWODE) The report discusses some of the emerging gender issues and concerns in the Ugandan 2003-2004 budget, potential gendered outcomes as well as recommendations for achieving future gender-sensitive budgets.

Morocco Gender Report 2007

This Report seeks to make an assessment of policies and practices related to gender-responsive budgeting, by highlighting what was already accomplished and what remains to be done, and by identifying challenges, constraints, opportunities and sectoral challenges. The Report is therefore an educational and advocacy tool aimed at triggering debate and dialogue around policies pursued and their impact on the population, in pursuance of the orientations of the Prime Minister who recommends in his...

Budgeting for Women's Rights: Monitoring Government Budgets for Compliance with CEDAW (Arabic) 2008

The report, authored by Professor Diane Elson, a leading feminist economist, makes a significant contribution to the advocacy work on the transparency of budgets. It provides arguments for increasing the accountability of government budgets to women's rights.

Capacity Building Workshop on GRB for NGOs- Morocco July 2008 (in Arabic)

This training module aims to introduce concepts of GRB to Moroccan civil society organizations and identify the role that they can play in support of gender responsive budgeting in the country. The module includes sessions that facilitate a discussion of the gender budget report, which is produced annually by the sectoral government departments, to identify the strengths and gaps in the report from a civil society perspective. The module also includes a series of hands-on exercises that...

Albania: Time Use Survey (2010-2011)

The main goal of the Albanian Time Use Survey is to develop nationally representative estimates of how people divide their time of various life activities. The main objectives to be achieved through the time use survey were: • To measure the amount of time spent by the Albanian population on different activities; • To identify gender differences in time use patterns with special focus on paid and unpaid work activities; • To carry out the survey in full accordance with the...

Promoting Gender Responsive Policies and Budgets:Lessons from South East Europe Experiences in the period 2011-2013

Support for gender responsive policies, programming and budgets has been an important priority area of UN Women’s Sub-Regional Office for Central and South Eastern Europe. In 2011, the Sub-regional Office launched a three-year project on Promoting Gender Responsive Policies in South East Europe (PGRP-SEE) financed by the Austrian Development Agency. The project covered Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina and FYR Macedonia. The ultimate goal of the project was that policies, programs and...

Proposed Gender Strategic Plan for the Government Plan 2014- 2018

This document corresponds to a fifth product of the international consultancy for the development of a Gender Strategy Plan 2014-2017. Government of the Republic of Honduras; formulated a product as follows: "Final Document on the inclusion of proposed in the Sectoral Planning as part of the mandate of the Presidential Strategic Planning, Budget and Public Investment".

Indicators To Measure Gender Equality And Investment In Gender Equity In 2014 Annual Operational Plan Budget And Certification Process.

The Ministry of Planning and External Cooperation (SEPLAN) is responsible for support the establishment, development and operation of the National Planning System in addition to exercise stewardship of the land use planning, exercising a role of make norms entity.

The National Network Action Plan to Support Gender Responsive Budgeting In Jordan (2015 – 2017)

UN Women in close partnership with JNCW supported the members of the GRB network in finalizing the National Network Action Plan to Support GRB in Jordan (2015 – 2017). The action plan as well as the vision, mission, core values and mandate of the network has been published as an informative brochure .