The subject of this analysis is the budget process in the Republic of Macedonia (RM), with emphasis on the reforms of budget policies in terms of gender equality and determining entrance points for integration of the gender into the budgeting process.
The guide brings together and synthesises several innovative and tested strategies on gender responsive planning & implementation from across India.
This Guide was preared by Alexandra Wilde, Shipra Narang, Marie Laberge and Luisa Moretto UNDP Oslo, 2009.
The publication discusses the tools needed to determine how a government budget impacts the different sexes. The publication achieves three objectives. First, the background of gender responsive budgets is described for readers who are not as familiar with the initiative.
This training module aims to introduce concepts of GRB to Moroccan civil society organizations and identify the role that they can play in support of gender responsive budgeting in the country.
UN Women worked in close partnership with the Jordanian Coalition on Budget and the General Budget Department to issue a more user-friendly Budget Brochure for all Jordanian citizens.
This document is introduced in the framework of the implementation of Gender Responsive Project (GRB) that was implemented until June 2012 at the municipal level in Santa Rosa de Copan Budgets and under the implementation of the Partnership Programme between the European Union (EU) and UN Women for
This practical guide by Debbie Budlender and Guy Hewitt, based on experiences of past gender budget initiatives, provides a comprehensive outline of how to engender budgets.
This manual for trainers give them knowledge
and tools to:
become familiar with gender analysis and its application in national planning;
explore the basic principles of gender budgeting and understand its value
added to the national planning;
This toolkit follows the transfer of public funds from central to local governments until they reach users such as schools and clinics. It explains how a public expenditure tracking system operates and how it can benefit marginalized groups.