Опубликовать год: 2009
Тематическая область: Секторальное применение ГОБ , Контроль за исполнением бюджета и отстаивание интересов в бюджетном процессе
язык: English
РЕГИОН: Global
Тип ресурса: Оценки и анализ
автор: Helena Hofbauer and Manuela Garza


This brief explores the relevance of civil society budget analysis and advocacy (i.e., budget work) and its potential as a tool to hold governments accountable for their maternal mortality reduction commitments. In doing so, it discusses three recent examples of civil society groups engaged with budget analysis and advocacy: Fundar, Center for Analysis and Research in Mexico; Women's Dignity in Tanzania; and the Center for Budget and Governance Accountability in India. The work of these organizations, and the lessons that we seek to draw from their experiences, underscore that the lack of real progress in reducing maternal mortality is unquestionably linked to the failure of governments to make maternal health a budgetary priority. Their findings reveal that even though resources to address this issue exist—and may continue to grow they are not necessarily being allocated correctly or spent effectively. "