Mainstreaming Gender Equality in Integrated National Financing Frameworks

Опубликовать год: 2021
Тематическая область: Планирование и бюджетирование, Управление государственными финансами, Отслеживание бюджетных средств и расходов, Контроль за исполнением бюджета и отстаивание интересов в бюджетном процессе , Budget Monitoring and Advocacy
РЕГИОН: Global
Тип ресурса: Assessments and Analysis
автор: Katherine Gifford


Integrated national financing frameworks (INFFs) were first introduced in the Addis Ababa Action Agenda to support increased alignment of financing from all sources with national sustainable development objectives. INFFs focus on strengthening planning and overcoming barriers to finance sustainable development, through a financing strategey to increase investment, manage risks and achieve development priorities. The technical guidance aims to support countries to integrate gender equality objectives and gender analysis into the design and implementation of INFFs. It presents guiding questions, case examples, data sources and proposed recommendations for major stakeholders to strengthen gender integration at each stage of the process. The guidance is envisaged as a living document and will be updated to incorporate new information and country experiences.