Опубликовать год: 2008
Тематическая область: Местное управление, Планирование и бюджетирование, Контроль за исполнением бюджета и отстаивание интересов в бюджетном процессе
язык: English
РЕГИОН: Europe and Central Asia
Тип ресурса: Случаи из практики
автор: Association VESTA, Tuzla


The publication presents a set of instruments for the analysis of public revenues and expenditures from a gender perspective. The authors analyzed basic categories of public expenditure in five municipalities in Bosnia and Herzegovina (Banovici, Bijeljina, Srebrenica, Travnik and Tuzla) with a view to provide solid arguments for the implementation of gender-budgets at local and national levels. The report also seeks to draw citizens' attention on the importance of their active participation in deciding how the budget of their local communities is allocated, especially the part of the funds generated through their contributions by means of taxes, duties and fees.