Опубликовать год: 2005
Тематическая область: Местное управление
язык: English
страны: Польша
РЕГИОН: Europe and Central Asia
Тип ресурса: Оценки и анализ
автор: NEWW-Polska


The booklet produced by NEWW-Polska in 2005, is a report outlining the results of the Gender Budget analysis in Gdansk, Poland. The report provides a detailed discussion of the demographic, education, health and local labor structures in Gdansk. In addition to providing gender budgeting methods and tools used in other countries, the synopsis outlines three selected issues of Gdansk society and presents recommendations which may serve as aids in planning budgets in the region. Central government's financial policies and its potential effects on local communities is also raised. The resource is part of the Gdansk Gender Budget Initiative, which is aimed at creating permanent instruments which ensure that local authorities incorporate a gender perspective into their expenditures.