This paper attempts to briefly examine the level of readiness/preparedness of Pacific Island countries (PICs) to advance the process of incorporating gender-responsive budget initiatives into national policies and public expenditure management systems.
This paper on SMEs in Vietnam, looks into biases that help explain the higher costs and lower profits of female-owned enterprises.  It brings together gender analysis, small scale enterprise analysis, and gender budget analysis in a development context by demonstrating that gender mat
The EC/UN Partnership has reviewed the extent to which commitments to women's security and peacebuilding needs have been financed by Official Development Assistance (ODA) in four different post-conflict situations: the Democratic Republic of Congo, Nepal, Bougainville (Papua New Guinea), and Aceh (I
The guide brings together and synthesises several innovative and tested strategies on gender responsive planning & implementation from across India.
This paper examines a GRB pilot project undertaken in the small Pacific country of the Republic of the Marshall Islands (RMI).
The following document, a product of a UNIFEM supported program, is one of 7 analytical reports on Gender Responsive Budgets that were completed and published in the Follow the Money' Series, South Asia. The well-received reports, have been in wide demand by GRB practitioners from around the world.
This call for Action was issued following the meeting on “Gender and Development: Towards Effective, Inclusive Development” Organized by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade, Republic of Korea and co-hosted by UN Women, in July 2011.
Following a commitment by the Finance Minister of Karnataka to create a separate cell in the Finance Department tasked with identifying the quantum and resource allocation and expenditure for women, the first ever Gender Budget document was presented in the year 2007-08 at the Legisla
In India, Gender budgeting as a distinct tool was institutionalized by the introduction of gender budgeting statement in the Union Budget 2005-06.
Gender Budgeting in India by Dr. Vibhuti Patel was presented at a National workshop on Gender Budgeting: An Effective Tool for Achieving Women's Empowerment, organised on 15-4-2007 by Equity Foundation, Patna and Supported by Planning Commission of India, Delhi.