The manual is addressed to representatives of civil society and aimed at increasing their participation in the development of local development programs and gender mainstreaming in the process.
Comics on the topic of GRB.  For promoting better understanding of the GRB concept among civil society and wider public, including youth.
This guide was developed in Kyrgyzstan to conduct appropriate training seminars among staff of ministries and agencies responsible for the development and implementation of social and economic policy.
Collection of  gender analysis  of local budgets in different regions of  Kyrgyzstan
Selection of  methodological materials  including gender mainstreamed  versions of  Budget call circular for gender responsive budgeting of programme budgets  for 2014 and 2015, Guidance note on considering gender aspects in the process of developing  programme based&nb
The publication decribes two main features:
1. Development in the Kyrgyz Republic, an institutional mechanism to promote
gender equality, responsible for the formulation of national programs and
strategies for gender equality and women's empowerment;
This report on  gender assessment of  donor strategic documents by GIZ and  World Bank.