The main goal of the Albanian Time Use Survey is to develop nationally representative estimates of how people divide their time of various life activities. The main objectives to be achieved through the time use survey were:
Knowing the economic costs of the activities of state institutions is necessary for budgeting addressing the implementation of the legislation against domestic violence.
The publication “Gender Equality and Local Governance” is a joint collaboration between ADC and UN Women. It summarizes the learning’s that have emerged from several gender-sensitive interventions at local level.
Guidelines which aim to offer a practice of gender mainstreaming in the budgetary process of policies and programmes drafted from different line ministries during the medium-term budgetary programme.
Labour market issues, be those of employment, unemployment, inactivity, wages and the like are very important for every country since they are linked to some of the main indicators of economic wellbeing or lack thereof.
The programme was launched in late 2006 to strengthen democratic governance and promote women's human rights through support for policy planning and budgeting processes to incorporate a gender perspective.
This publication captures lessons learned in the course of the UNIFEM project on gender responsive budgeting (GRB) in South Eastern Europe (SEE).
The publication serves as a basic manual for collecting data, assessing gender equality and the status of women in Albania and developing proposals to further improve them in such areas as women’s participation in the decision-making, education, employment, defense, social welfare, health, media and
The National Report on the Status of Women and Gender Equality (NRSWGE) in Albania is the first national report serves as the substantive basis to analyse the overall situation of women and men in Albania.
Support for gender responsive policies, programming and budgets has been an important priority area of UN Women’s Sub-Regional Office for Central and South Eastern Europe.