Publish Year : 2008
Thematic Area: Development Effectiveness
Language: English
Region: Eastern and Southern Africa
Resource type: Research
Author: Liisa Kytola


This report presents the findings of a country review carried out in Tanzania by Liisa Kytoa  under the programme "ntegrating gender responsive budgeting into the aid effectiveness agenda" launched by UNIFEM and the European Commission (EC) in 2008. The first sections provide a brief background to the country, covering the main development indicators, volumes, sources and specific structures related to development aid in Tanzania. The report then focuses on the development management practices and integration of gender issues of two donors, the European Commission (as funder of the programme) and the Netherlands. The Netherlands was chosen as the second donor, since it is the fourth largest bilateral donor in Tanzania and has also funded much of the GRB work in Tanzania. The report then gives an overview of the main planning and budgeting frameworks and processes in Tanzania, and analyses how gender concerns have been integrated into these. The last parts focus on an analysis of the GRB experience in the country and a gender budget analysis of the education sector. Education was chosen because of its relevance to gender issues in Tanzania, the existence of a SWAp and because the sector benefits from both GBS and SBS. Finally, short recommendations are given in the last section of the report.