Reforma Fiskal TET
Publish Year: 2016
Thematic Area: Taxation
Countries: Timor-Leste
Region/Country: Asia and the Pacific
Resource Type: Assessments and Analysis, Case Studies, Research
Author(s): Prof. Kathleen A. Lahey


Artigu ida-nee hatudu atensaun neebé kuidadoza tebes bá impaktu impostu no evidénsia polítika bele uza hosi ofisiál Governu sira atu halao ezame pasu-bá-pasu sobre impaktu lei impostu bá parte relevante hotu-hotu.

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Reforma Impostu Rendimentu no Konsumu ba Timor-Leste

Rezumu ne’e hanesan sumáriu ida bazeia ba Relatóriu UN Women nian, Reforma Impostu Rendimentu no Konsumu ba Timor-Leste: Impaktu Jéneru no Pobreza, Opsaun Polítika, no Rekomendasaun.

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